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I have recently discovered Dumpster Design and their awesome eco-friendly dresses. Dumpster Design specializes in the design and creation of commissioned couture pieces, made entirely from recycled materials. All the creations are very special and you should definitively take a look at their website (link at the end of the article).

I have chosen to feature the "Chess Dress" and I have asked a few questions to the designer.

Where does your inspiration come from?
"I source my inspiration from everywhere. I love rummaging through old scrap heaps and finding hidden treasures at the tip. I am not one for flipping through the magazines and gaining inspiration from all the pretty dresses and expensive clothes. I become inspired in a much more physical way. I love touching things, manipulating a material in my hands and seeing how far I can push its limits. I love the intricacy with in mechanics, all the cogs and bolts and how delicately they all fit together to create something so much larger than themselves. I love it. I am a sucker for anything oily."

Your dresses are really beautiful. But how really wearable are they?
"Despite what you may think the dresses really are very wearable. They are all formed from a secure papermachie bodice, a sort of cardboard corset if you will. Which means they can be worn all night and you feel nothing but supported. It also means you can eat whatever you want in an evening and no one will ever tell through your dress! The dresses are made to be worn, they are durable and withstand everything anything any normal dress would be put through on a night out."

How difficult was it to produce that dress? Can you explain the process?
"There were a lot of stages in the process of making the chess dress with obviously meant it was very time consuming. It is created from a papermachie bodice with cardboard panels over laied on top of each other. Each cardboad pannel was is hand painted and then attached to the bodice once cut to shape. The bodice was then hand painted as well intergrating the bottom into the top in a seamless manner."

Are all the dresses unique? If yes, aren't you tempted to reproduce some of them?
"They are all 100% unique. I have no desire to re-create any of the dresses as each one is different due to the material it is made from. Don't get me wrong, I will sometimes use the same technique when working with a material but the results will always turn out differently because of their unique properties."

Check the website of Dumpster Design to get more information and see all the dresses and creations :


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