Dresses by Dimitri Gee / Robes by Dimitri Gee

I  am proud to show you the first dress of my collection. I have realized the design, I have chosen the fabrics and the exact dimensions, created a prototype myself and then I did make 10 copies by professionals. The materials and stitching are high quality and the result is a high-end dress.

For the creation of this dress, I was inspired by Japan and more specifically by the uniforms of samurai and kimonos whose sleeves are much wider than the diameter of the arm. The fabric maintain the sleeve up and gives the modern woman the image of a strong woman. Again Japanese-inspired, I wanted a straight cut, modern, cool and unapologetic, which suits on any figure.

For those interested, there are still a few copies left...

Je suis fier de vous présenter la première robe de ma collection. J'ai réalisé le design, choisi les textiles et les dimensions exactes, crée un prototype moi-même et j'ai ensuite fait faire 10 exemplaires par des professionnels. Les matériaux et les coutures sont de haute qualité et le résultat est une robe haut de gamme.

Pour créer cette robe, j'ai été inspiré par le Japon et plus précisément par les tenues des samuraï et des kimonos dont les manches sont beaucoup plus larges que le diamètre du bras. Le textile choisi offre un certain maintien en l'air de la manche et confère à la femme moderne l'image d'une femme forte. Toujours d'inspiration japonaise, j'ai voulu une coupe droite, moderne, cool et sans complexe, qui fonctionne sur toutes les silhouettes et qui peut être cintrée à la taille si besoin.

Pour les personnes intéressées, il me reste encore quelques exemplaires...

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Chanel Spring-Summer 2014 Haute Couture

Future, classic, move, dream, sneakers only, art, now, magic, music, history, details, attitude, lightness, modern, waist, shine.

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Isabel Marant pour H&M

We have been waiting for this day since July. Here we are. November 14th, 2013. Isabel Marant for H&M. At 9:03 a.m. the pullover I was looking for was already sold out. The store opened at 9:00 a.m. At 9:30 a.m. the men's department was almost empty (I was in Bern, Switzerland). At the women's department it was even worse – you couldn't even stand in line without a bracelet distributed before the store opening.

But it was great. Really. To be able to finally see and touch these clothes. And the atmosphere also. That's the life of a fashion lover…

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Sienna cardigan
$270 - conleys.de

H M long sleeve jumper
$16 - hm.com

Balmain black biker jeans

Jeffrey Campbell ankle booties

Chanel patchwork bag

Zadig Voltaire scarve
$240 - zadig-et-voltaire.com

Topshop hat

Tech accessory

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NoFilter by dimitrigee featuring long sleeve shirts

525 America long sleeve shirt

Alexander McQueen legging

Jeffrey Campbell leather boots

Chanel purse

Valentino red bracelet

Cross necklace
$9.02 - diva.net.au

Charlotte Russe fedora hat

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